Magento Consulting

Make the most of your Magento store with our consulting expertise.

Our consulting is intended to bring incremental improvements to your Magento store that helps you build a profitable business and brand.

We do an assessment of your existing Magento store for performance issues – related to usability, quality, speed, onsite SEO, and Google analytics maintenance. This will help you rid yourself of website performance issues and make data driven decisions of your business.

This will allow you to focus on your core business and not be worried about the medium in which you are selling.

I already have a development team. What should do I with them?

You can continue using your development team and we provide only the consulting services to enhance the performance of your store. In fact, we would work with your development team to ensure the success of your business.

Magento Development

Most often than not, your business needs are more than what is available default in a Magento installation. This means, you will have to customize as well as develop new features that can be integrated with Magento store.

We have helped many customers in their Magento development by helping them have the best of everything – Magento features and add-ons with custom development. This has allowed them to grow their business easily.

Our development services include:

  • Custom development of new features
  • Theme, plugin and widget development for both web and mobile
  • Migration from existing web platforms to Magento
  • SEO and social media integration
  • Integration with 3rd party apps and backend ERP systems for an end-to-end shopping experience
Magento performance

A user today will start engaging with you on one device and continue on another. The devices can be in the form of mobiles, desktops, smart phones, and tablets. This increases the complexity of ensuring performance of a Magento store.

Our performance services include:

Magento acceleration – HTTP acceleration services to increase the speed and infrastructure optimization to reduce loads and improve availability; mobile performance acceleration to ensure access across devices and platforms.

Accelerated delivery – distribution to various devices with the ability to monitor and prioritize traffic to reach wider audiences.

Performance testing – test performance across devices per the business needs, identify gaps and improve performance.

Magento Design

Web store design is a specialized skill. It has to be user-centric and it involves a lot of research and understanding on how the users will possibly engaged with the web store. In addition, it also has to be functional.

This is one of the areas of our specialization. We put the building blocks of Magento design step-by-step, which makes it a breeze for the user to complete the transaction from start to finish.

Magento usability

Usability of a web store can influence the conversion rates and in turn the revenues. This will allow engagement of the users by providing all the information they need and persuading them to take actions in your web store.

Our usability services include:

Usability assessments – identify gaps in usability and rectify them; understand usage patterns, and conduct usability tests to figure how user truly engages with the store.

Accessibility – ensure accessibility to all users even with basic infrastructure.

User-specific testing - test usability for different kind of persons, assess how the store functions and remove the gaps.