ExMOB - Extending Your Website to external applications(Android, iOS, etc)


ExMOB provides the mobile app extension that allows you to convert your Magento site to a native mobile app. By Implementing ExMOB, your ecommerce website can also be native mobile app.


  • All the Magento features can be a part of your mobile store.
    1. Catalog Management - Includes categories, sub categories, product listing and product detail sections(simple, grouped, configurable & bundle products), Also support products search and reviews.
    2. Customer Management - Includes login, registration, edit profile, logout, etc.
    3. Checkout Management - Includes cart, Wishlist, Coupons, Shipping & Payment, make order, etc.
  • Your mobile store integrates all the payment gateways supported by Magento
  • Supports both Android and iOS platforms

How it works?

ExMOB is a Magento plugin which synchronize your current website and native mobile app. All store information from Magento database can be retrieved or updated using ExMOB REST web services.

This is basically a REST bundle build within magento framework without bypass the magento standards. Also it can be extended for any new features you like. Since it is a REST API, we can extend the magento features to all third party application like android apps, iOS apps, Desktop apps and any other app which are ready to consume REST services.

For installation ExMOB plug in, follow the below steps:

Log in to your backend of your Magento Administration and go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML-RPC - Users. Then enter the details with New API Key , and click "Save User" button. You have to use this API Key when you develop APP.

For APP development, Please refer API_List.xlsx in the root folder. Here we have mentioned URL, INPUT & OUTPUT Parameters.

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